Handcrafted in small batches and made with love

Our bone broth is handmade in small batches and simmered on a low heat for 24 hours making the most beautiful nourishing golden broth.

Have you been wanting to introduce bone broth into you daily wellness routine or add it to your family meals but don’t know where to start?  Is making your own homemade bone broth on your to do list but you haven’t got the time to visit the local farmers markets to pick up the ingredients you need let alone trying to find the time to make your own broth?  Or you would simply love to include a warm cup of nourishing bone broth into your daily wellness routine.   Then we would love to help you! Bone broth is a key staple in our home and we would love for it to be part of yours too.

Our signature product is our convenient single-serve jar organic chicken bone broth jar

We love supporting other local businesses and our bone broth is made with locally sourced organic ingredients.  Our organic chicken bone broth is made with ethically raised organic chicken bones, organic vegetables, filtered water and a whole lot of love. There are no hidden additives or nasties in our bone broth.

Because our bone broth is handmade in small batches, stock is limited.  Order in advance to schedule your delivery.

Weekly Wellness Bone Broth Box

Our weekly wellness bone broth box includes 7 single serve 250ml jars of organic chicken bone broth.

Our bone broth jars are sold as a frozen product so you can simply grab a jar out of your freezer, defrost, heat and serve.

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Please note that you can pick up individual jars of broth at our local stockists.

How to include bone broth in your daily wellness routine

Bone broth can be consumed in various ways. We suggest drinking bone broth hot like you would a tea or coffee. We like to add spices like turmeric, cumin and freshly chopped herbs from our garden to our daily cup of broth. Bone broth can also be used in cooking and makes a delicious base for any soup, and adds extra flavour to casseroles and slow cooker dishes. You can also substitute bone broth for water when cooking rice or quinoa, or add it to the kids’ mashed potato. We even add it to our green smoothies.

Delivery Details

We offer a local delivery service within 10km of the Newcastle CBD on a Saturday morning between 7am and 11am.

Please enter your postcode here to check if you are within our delivery area.

If not you can pop into our amazing stockists and pick up individual bone broth jars.

Upcoming delivery dates:  20 April 2024
Please note that orders close on the Tuesday at 5pm prior to our delivery date.

Our delivery attracts a flat fee of $10 per order within our delivery area.  Please note a minimum order for delivery is one box (includes 7 x 250ml jars).

Our delivery times are between between 7am – 12pm.  If you are not planning on being home during this time please leave an esky or cooler bag outside and we will pop your bone broth jars in there until you get home.

Our bone broth jars are sold as a frozen product so please pop your jars in the freezer as soon as possible.

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