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Dani and Joel here. We are a husband and wife team living in Newcastle, NSW and run our small business Little Bone Broth Co.

Dani discovered bone broth a few years ago when she started to introduce more nourishing whole foods into her daily wellness routine. After researching about the benefits of bone broth we quickly learned that to fully understand your health, one of the essential places to get to know is your gut and what is happening inside it. Bone broth was one of the gut healing foods we introduced into our daily wellness routine.

Dani’s love for bone broth grew so much that she started making her own bone broth. Soon after friends were asking for jars of bone broth and it organically started to grow from there so in 2016 we decided to start our own business and Little Bone Broth Co was born. We are passionate about educating people about the importance of gut health and how to include bone broth in your daily wellness routine.

Bone broth is now a key staple in our home and we drink it everyday, just like you would a tea or coffee.

Here at Little Bone Broth Co every jar of bone broth is handmade using locally sourced organic ingredients and filtered water so there are no hidden additives or nasties.

Our signature product is our convenient single-serve jar handcrafted organic chicken bone broth that is handmade with love.

We hope you enjoy our bone broth!

Your health one cup at a time…

Dani & Joel

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