Handmade Bone Broth

Our bone broth is handcrafted in small batches using locally sourced organic ingredients and a whole lot of love.

Our signature product is our convenient single-serve jar of organic chicken bone broth. We created these little jars of golden goodness as a quick and easy way of including bone broth in your daily wellness routine. Bone broth is a key staple in our home our and we would love for it to be a part of yours too.

Our Story

We are a husband and wife team living in Newcastle, NSW and run our small business Little Bone Broth Co.

Dani discovered bone broth a few years ago when she started to introduce more nourishing whole foods into her daily wellness routine. After researching about the benefits of bone broth we quickly learned that to fully understand your health, one of the essential places to get to know is your gut and what is happening inside it. Bone broth was one of the gut healing foods we introduced into our daily wellness routine…

What People Are Saying

The Edwards hosts an after hours “foodie feast” on Sunday…

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LISA ROCKMAN, The Newcastle Herald
I have bone broth just about every day for my gut & overall Wellbeing! Thanks to the divine Dani at Little Bone Broth Co, I have no excuse to not continue my morning cup when I haven’t had time to make some myself. These 250ml glass jars of Chicken Broth are convenient & I recycle the empty good quality jars to fill with the broth I make myself or for little hand made gifts of oil infused scrubs for friends or Reindeer Sprinkles for Christmas for my students.

Do the research about why you need broth in your life, and make it easy on yourself by purchasing some made with lots of love!


Bone broth is an ancient remedy you can make at home…

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LISA ROCKMAN, The Newcastle Herald

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